How it works?

Plantiverse is an innovative platform that uses a combination of proprietary multispectral technologies, AIoT sensors and artificial intelligence to automate green management

How it works?

Plantiverse relies on an intelligent system that uses multispectral cameras. These cameras pick up on how plants reflect light. From this reflection, combined with the sensor technology and satellite information, we generate a comprehensive profile for each plant's condition and needs. Think of this as the plant’s own voice. Our AI systems then interpret this "voice". Now, plants can oversee and adjust systems like watering or greenhouse settings on their own.

Plantiverse’s technology

The technology collects real time data from three sources:

Satelite data

We are able to run Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules that interprets this and then translate into Plantiverse language of plants. The satellite data provide us with information on the weather conditions of the exact location where the plant is.

Pilot 1: Advanced Plant -Driven Irrigation Systems at FAO

Transforming Irrigation: transforming a standard irrigation system in a Plant Driven systems to evolve traditional practices.

Collaborative Training: harnessing expertise from agronomists, scientist and botanists to educate our AI / ML model.

Impactful Results: forecasting a 25% reduction in water use, optimized resource management, and 15% increase in crop productivity.

Pilot 2 : Plantiverse at Rome's Botanical Garden

Precise Pest Stress Indicators: Plantiverse’s technology for targeted detection of pest-related plant stress Expert Synergy: combining the knowledge of botanists and agronomist to refine our AI / ML model for precise pest stress detection.Estimated Outcomes: forecasting 30% reduction in vegetative plant stresses.

The Process