When Plants Talk, We Listen
Save Money, Time and Greenery… Let The Plants Drive Their Management!

A platform where plants drive innovations

Instead of adding another tool for farmers, Plantiverse enables the conversation between who grows and what is grown.


Plants guide their own growth for better yields.


Proactive use of sentinel plants for early disease detection.

Resource Efficiency

Minimized waste of water, energy, and nutrients.

Eco-Conscious Approach

Align with sustainability initiatives.

“Throughout our collaboration for the FAO rooftop, we were able to have an understanding of how the platform Plantiverse works and collect useful research data. We are excited to see how this project is developing and gaining more international attention.”

Giorgio Grussu

Manager of FAO

“Plantiverse's plant-centric approach is groundbreaking. It’s changing the way we understand and respond to plant health.”

Luigi Faino

Associate professor, Sapienza University of Rome

“Plantiverse brings together the best of AI, IoT, and Virtualization, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sustainable agriculture.”

Mario Santoro

Researcher, National Research Council (CNR)
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